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Ulster County Executive Announces Applications are Open for Municipal Projects which Support Housing and Economic Development Priorities

KINGSTON, N.Y. – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan announced that applications are now open for municipal infrastructure improvements. $5 million in ARPA funding is available to publicly owned sewer and water systems in Ulster County for vitally needed infrastructure melioration and construction. The Municipal Sewer and Water Grant will assist economic development and housing projects, community service facilities such as health and childcare, recreation and public facilities that result in shared services and lower costs at the community level. Ulster County will prioritize sewer and water projects that have a positive and substantial impact on affordable housing, economic recovery, and public health.

“We’re continuing to make major investments in maintaining and enhancing our infrastructure – dedicating $18.2 million to maintain and improve county roads and bridges, $1.9 million dollars to substantially improve major recreational rail trails in Ulster County and complete ongoing work that has spanned over a decade,” Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan said. “The $5 million investment through our Municipal Sewer and Water Grant will help spur and accelerate much-needed municipal projects and is another example of our commitment to infrastructure improvements.”

“It’s critical to our ARPA funding goals that publicly owned water and sewer systems have any needed upgrades which can best support our housing, economic development and public health priorities,” Legislator Peter Criswell, Chair of the American Rescue Plan Act Special Committee, said. “I want to encourage Ulster County municipalities to apply for this once-in-a-generation funding.”

“Upgrading our municipal water and sewer systems will have lasting impacts on our ability to support growth and economic vitality in Ulster County,” Legislator Thomas Corcoran, Deputy Chair of the American Rescue Plan Act Special Committee, said. “I’m proud of the work the Legislature’s ARPA Special Committee has done to ensure we make the most of ARPA funds. I hope Ulster County municipalities will make use of this unique funding opportunity.”

Applications can be made for a maximum of $500,000 per project, not to exceed 33% of the total project cost. A pre-application is necessary for proposed projects to determine eligibility. Once reviewed and approved, the applicant will be asked to submit a full application. The deadline to submit a pre-application is May 16th, 2022, at 3:00 PM. For pre-application forms, eligibility standards and additional information, visit

In the 2022 Executive Budget, Ulster County made major investments in maintaining and enhancing infrastructure. Major bridge projects include the McKinstry Bridge in Gardiner, the Lyonsville Bridge in Marbletown, the Broadstreet Hollow Bridge in Shandaken, and more.

Ulster County anticipates reconstructing approximately 30 miles of roads using New York State CHIPS funding, including Springtown in New Paltz, Ulster Heights in Warwarsing, Hurley Mountain Road in Marbletown, Samsonville Road in Rochester, Union Center Road in Esopus, Blue Mountain Road in Saugerties, and Wittenburg Road in Shandaken. Additionally, pavement preservation methods, including chip seal and crack seal, will extend the service life of approximately 65 miles of roadway.